Up and Down Golf at Valencia Country Club

By Forrest Blake

Forrest Blake Wow what a day at Valencia Country Club last Friday. The front 9 I was working on my take away and couldn’t make solid contact with the ball. What I realized is that trying to get the club outside caused me to push my hands out and effect the top of my swing. So, on 12 I gave up and made sure my right arm was tight to my body, which gave me a solid shoulder turn and my game came back. I need to hold firm with my theory that the place to practice the golf swing is at GolfTEC and once you are on the course the only thing you focus on is the target. I learned this from Dr. Joseph Parent the author of Zen Golf in several personal playing lessons.

Golfshot – Rounds golfshot.comShot 78 golfing at Valencia Country Club.

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