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…to speak to your company, your clients, your fund raising dinner, your civic organization, your executive club or other organization.

Forrest Blake’s passion is for helping business executives discover how to drive business development, employee recruitment and personnel retention using golf. Blake wants to pass along what he learned successfully closed hundreds of millions of dollars of commercial real estate deals on the golf course during the 16 years that he was one of Los Angeles’ most successful brokers. His clients included Warner Brothers, Blue Shield and oil giant Texaco.

Blake is also a scratch golfer and a leading Southern California amateur player. He achieved that level by taking lessons at a GolfTEC Improvement Center. Blake was so impressed with the company’s ability to drastically lower his golf score that he wanted to share what he had experienced with others. So he bought 15 improvement centers from GolfTEC throughout Southern California. He recently sold his company and is now focusing on his golf travel company, Fairway Vacations and Commercial Real Estate.

Considered a highly in-demand speaker in commercial real estate career, Blake is expanding his engagements to inclued speaking on “Business Golf for Business Development — Stimulate Your Bottom Line and Cash In on the Greens” to corporations, chambers of commerce and other civic groups.
• How to Sustain, Entertain and Obtain (SEO) clients
• Who to invite
• How to prepare
• Putting your guest first
• When to talk business
• Creating your “new best friend“
• Business golf etiquette
• Swimming with the sharks – the gambling question
• 19th hole presentation
• Following up
• Tracking your return on investment

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