Meeting Newman & Grace Advertising & Design

June 16, 2013 – By Forrest Blake

I had the chance today to attend a meeting where Jerri Hemsworth was leading a group of about thirty. Based on our interaction and how she controlled the room, I would recommend her for any advertising or design needs.


Jerri Hemsworth, Founder/CEO Bio

Jerri Hemsworth, Founder/CEO Newman Grace

Jerri Hemsworth, Founder/CEO and Creative Director, has built the firm on three key principles: 1) delivering quality marketing, advertising and graphic design services that rival Los Angeles’ largest firms; 2) providing these services faster and at more affordable rates than larger firms; and 3) demystifying and simplifying marketing by providing great strategies, great creative materials, and doing so in a friendly way that makes clients feel comfortable and cared for. Jerri also heads Grace Non-Profit Communications (NPC), the division of Newman Grace that serves the marketing needs of the non-profit community ( She also sits on the board of directors for Shane’s Inspiration (, a non-profit organization committed to creating inclusive playgrounds and programs that unite children of all abilities. 

Company Information

Newman Grace Inc. is a marketing communications and brand consulting firm located in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles), California. The creators of the F.O.C.U.S. Branding™ process, we’re a highly experienced advertising, graphic design and marketing firm that specializes in working with growing companies to help them grow even faster by creating powerful business-building campaigns. From advertising to brochures, consulting to collateral, corporate identity to websites, Newman Grace has developed ROI-based marketing initiatives for growing companies of all sizes. Is your brand ready for more marketing muscle? You’ve come to the right place!

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