Highrise Networks

In 2015, I found myself alone and ISOLATED. It had been two years since I’d sold my golf teaching company and returned to Commercial Real Estate. The only good news is that I’d learned the benefit of carryover losses. No, it wasn’t billions like some people we know.

The plans to fill up the 10,000 square feet office on the 45th floor of Gas Company tower here in DTLA hadn’t come to screeching halt. My company was on the path to merge with another major company and no longer was growing the office. My 400-square foot office only made me feel more alone in the large suite. My quest to develop relationships for business was about a successful as my dates. I was newly single after 24 years of marriage.

I had worked harder than ever in my marketing efforts. Over 12,000 COLD CALLS in 12 months. This was a new record for me. What did I have to show for it …… nothing!

Sitting on the phone in isolation was a comfortable place and had its benefits. I didn’t have to converse with colleagues, have boring lunches, go to networking events where I had to risk rejection or pretend that I liked anyone.

The problem was that I needed to get new clients. I was failing on all fronts and my moral was disappearing fast.

I had to drive business. There wasn’t any choice but to clean up my act and start developing real relationships through networking.

Rather than join an existing networking group, I decided to form Highrise Networks. In 2018, it is now the fastest growing network in Los Angeles. We have 20 groups and over 250 members. Please watch the video below. If you are interested in joining our network please reach out.



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