Great Golf VS Decent Golf * Part 1

The only way to play decent golf is to become a veracious student of the game. In order to improve, every time you play a round there needs to be some soul searching. If you are thick headed, gruff, or find your aggravation level peaks if you cannot master things quickly, there may be a better use of your time than chasing a little white ball around a golf course.  Golf tests your body, mind and character.  This is why so many people love this game.

It‘s so hard!

Part of the reason is all the exactness of variables needed to play average golf. Great golf is a whole different discussion. There is less of a margin of error than in most other sports. Think about the physics of golf.  We are attempting to deliver a strike at over one hundred miles per hour at the center of the clubface, which is at the end of a forty-five inch shaft into the back of a ball. And we need to do it within one or two degrees of square to hit it into the fairway.  When you play St. Andrews in Scotland, you need to factor in the thirty-five mile per hour wind, as well as the rain and the cool temperatures.

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