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Below Market Commercial Lease Renewal

By: Forrest Blake

Below market commercial lease renewals don’t happen by chance. Commercial tenants aren’t given large quantities of free rent, tenant improvements and/or rental rate reductions because they paid their rent on time or ask nicely. There is a defined process to establish leverage with relocation options, collect information to gain leverage and close a deal that surprises even the best negotiators.

Should I renew my lease or relocate? This choice must be made about every five years by tenants. The line of thinking is often difficult since it will have a material effect on the short term company’s profitability.

Consideration must be given to effective rent, capital expenses, space efficiencies, environment, employee workplace satisfaction, future headcount, hassle factor and time available to commit to a renewal and relocation especially.

Many tenants make the default decision to renew their lease and stay in their existing space. In today’s economy we see an ever increasing percentage of renewals. I understand and agree with this objective 80% of the time. Looking at this fact from the new landlord’s perspective, holding vacant space, we know they must somehow motivate a prospective tenant to move out of a comfortable existing building and to relocate into their building instead. With this understanding, existing landlords will offer generous concessions and aggressive rental structures.

Renegotiating a lease is not limited to tenants who have a year left on the lease. We are evaluating renewals two, and sometimes three, years prior to the lease expiration. The determining factors for tenants are the size of their space, expansion or contraction needs, current rental rate versus market, and the landlord’s willingness to make a deal prior to the end of the lease term. See illustration below where I list the reasons why a landlord would be motivated to complete an early renewal.

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